[rt-users] two domains, one RT?

darren chamberlain darren at boston.com
Mon Feb 25 09:09:54 EST 2002

Quoting Darren Nickerson <darren at dazza.org> [24 Feb-02 12:31]:
> Well, I finally had a chance to take a crack at this. It
> occurred to me that I might like to upgrade/customize the RT
> installations separately, and so it made sense not to co-mingle
> the components at all.

[-- snip --]

> Am I missing something obvious, or is it going to be impossible
> to run RT2 from two different VirtualHosts which don't share a
> common DocumentRoot?

Under mod_perl 1.x on Apache 1.3.x, it is impossible to have two
modules with the same name that do different things, e.g.,
RT::Mason, which is the package defined to handle Location / in

In one of the webmux.pl scripts, change the name of the package
to something other than RT::Mason, for example,
RT::Mason::SiteOne, and modify the entry in httpd.conf to use the
new package name as the PerlHandler for Location /.  In this
webmux.pl, change the stuff you want to be different, for
example, component roots.  This way, you can share most of the RT
modules, without having namespace clashes.

I can be more specific if this doesn't make enough sense.  In
fact, maybe this should be in RT/FM, since it seems to have
bitten a number of people.  The problem is that this is a
mod_perl-ism, and has nothing to do with either RT or
HTML::Mason, per se.


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