[rt-users] Relationships: What Do They Mean?

Jim Meyer purp at wildbrain.com
Mon Feb 25 19:18:29 EST 2002


I'd like to check my understanding of relationships in RT tickets.

Parent/Child would seem to indicate that a parent issue revealed one or
several smaller issues. Perhaps the parent issue was divided among
several children and closed in favor of them; perhaps it's an umbrella
for tracking a big project.

Requisite/Dependent ("Depended on by"/"Depends on") is more clear; you
can't finish and close the dependent until the requisite is done.

Reference ("Refers to"/"Referred to by") is a peer relationship,
primarily useful for navigation and relation of interesting tickets.

Any comments on these descriptions is welcome; I'd also love to hear how
folks use these.


Jim Meyer, Geek At Large                              purp at wildbrain.com

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