[rt-users] Time Zone - MySQL only.

Shannon Pedersen spedersen at cspeed.com
Wed Feb 27 13:57:47 EST 2002

I have an odd problem that I'm not sure how to remedy.  I've looked
through the archives but nothing addresses my particular situation.

I'm on PST time; the time is correct on my server when I use "date", he
time is correct in MySQL when I use "select now();" and the time is
correct in RT when you display and email tickets.

The problem?  The actual time getting recorded in MySQL as the "Started"
field is in GMT!  I didn't realize this until I started using the Open
Tickets addon that includes this field in the email, and the timestamps
were off.  When I went investigating, it turned out that the actual time
being recorded in MySQL is wrong, although it appears properly
everywhere else.

Any thoughts?

Thanks much,

Shannon Pedersen

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