[rt-users] RT DB acting up

Kyle Tucker kylet at incyte.com
Wed Feb 27 13:31:57 EST 2002

	RT 2.0.8 on Solaris with mySql 3.23.41. We were running just
fine for over 6 months, but something occured in the past month and
now it's acting very odd.
	When we hit "submit" to set tickets to "resolved", the next
page displayed is a completely different ticket and always that same
ticket regardless of what other ticker we are closing. If we go back
to the queue, the ticket we intended to resolve is still open. If we
use the command line to set the --status=resolved, it is resolved.
	Also, if I do a "rt --summary --limit-status=dead" I get
nothing returned, but there are many with this status. If I use
"mysql" directly with 'select * from tickets where status = "dead"',
they all are shown.
	I have run "myisamchk" and it reports the DB files as clean
after fixing the flags about being left open. Any thoughts on what
may be wrong and who I might recover? There have been no changes to
the entire RT code tree, the only mods are the sessiondata files.


- Kyle
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