[rt-users] importing a whack of old tickets into a week old install

Edstrom Johan johan.edstrom at sca.com
Thu Feb 28 18:20:51 EST 2002


I'd say from an MySql point of view - you could just pump em in there -
but changing Id, as well as that the owner / requestor / dependencies are
different id
with a new install they'd just be kinda floating in there.

As far as I can see the ID really only is an id and nothing else.

> First off I know this is probably not reccomended, but we
> recently had a major failure on one of our systems that just
> happened to be the system running RT.
> I had to get it up and runnning on another box immediately and
> therefore didnt get the chance to restore the old db from backup
> and import that into the new install before we started using the new one.
> Now for the problem.  I've got thousands of old tickets full of
> usefull information, and the first couple hundred tickets now
> have the same ticket id as my new tickets.
> Is is safe for me to write a perl script that re-writes the
> ticket id's and inserts them into the live database?  How will it
> effect RT if there are tickets with a higher ticket number but
> older timestamps?
> My system is running rh7.2 (x86)/mysql 3.23.44/Apache/1.3.22/RT 2.0.9
> any pointers would be appreciated, if this is a FAQ, please just
> ignore me, I wanted to send the email out ASAP so I can get this
> resolved before there's a billion tickets in the new system.
> thanks,
> ryan
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