[rt-users] importing a whack of old tickets into a week old install

Ryan Speed speedr at datawave.ca
Thu Feb 28 15:24:49 EST 2002


First off I know this is probably not reccomended, but we recently had a major failure on one of our systems that just happened to be the system running RT.

I had to get it up and runnning on another box immediately and therefore didnt get the chance to restore the old db from backup and import that into the new install before we started using the new one.

Now for the problem.  I've got thousands of old tickets full of usefull information, and the first couple hundred tickets now have the same ticket id as my new tickets.

Is is safe for me to write a perl script that re-writes the ticket id's and inserts them into the live database?  How will it effect RT if there are tickets with a higher ticket number but older timestamps?

My system is running rh7.2 (x86)/mysql 3.23.44/Apache/1.3.22/RT 2.0.9

any pointers would be appreciated, if this is a FAQ, please just ignore me, I wanted to send the email out ASAP so I can get this resolved before there's a billion tickets in the new system.


-- Ryan Speed - Network Administrator - http://www.datawave.ca --

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