[rt-users] RT just took a crap - possible reasons

Paul Burkett pburkett at callatg.com
Thu Feb 28 18:34:21 EST 2002

Forget that last message, it seems that I needed to have ShowTicket and ShowTicketComments enabled, but this creates another dilemma.

"They" have requested that normal users to not be able to view the queue list to the side, but if I disable this feature (SeeQueue), then the users cannot create a new ticket (Yes I have CreateTicket enabled.) Is there anyway to make it so they cannot see the queue list but still have the ability to create a ticket.

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:20:52 -0800
Paul Burkett <pburkett at callatg.com> wrote:

> Well, I sucessfully upgraded rt to 2.0.11 from 2.0.8
> The problem I'm getting is, users can no longer make a new ticket. But
> when I check the group access for "everyone" it has access to CreateTicket and SeeQueue. Also at the time I was messing around with Mailman (which is a major pain in the ass with qmail) and I added some aliases and did some weird stuff. Could this have screwed up rt? Is there anything I can do? Or shall I cry in a corner as I remember adding all those aliases....thanks.
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