[rt-users] Finding Dead Tickets (Was: how to delete user)

Smylers smylers at gbdirect.co.uk
Mon Jul 8 05:01:33 EDT 2002

On Saturday Bruce Campbell wrote:

> The thinking behind it is that you don't want to be retrieving old
> 'dead' issues through the normal UI.

Fair enough.  Occasionally somebody round here's wanted to do something
like 'show me all the tickets I killed this morning' when they realize
that a genuine ticket isn't there any more and they must've killed it
along with the spam.

>             #Make sure we _never_ show dead tickets
>             if ($Ticket->Status eq 'dead') {
>                 return($self->Next());
>             }

When searching for something like 'show me all tickets in the sales
queue' then it makes sense to omit dead tickets.  When doing 'show me
all the dead tickets in the sales queue', omitting dead tickets is
rather less useful!

I thought I'd modified our version of the above code to only skip dead
tickets when none of the search criteria specifically mention status
'dead' -- but I can't find it right now, so maybe I just worked out how
to do it.

> Most times, when people are interested in 'dead' tickets, they're also
> on the way to risking damage to their kneecaps by removing records
> from the database, and have written/are using their own script to do
> so.

In which case maybe the way to 'fix' this problem is not as I suggest
above but to remove 'dead' from the status drop-down box for refining a
search, so there is no user interface for doing this!


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