[rt-users] Resolve Ticket Template

Sean Lutner sean at techtarget.com
Fri Jul 12 00:37:31 EDT 2002

Thanks, that seems very straight forward. However, if I put anything
except plain text in my resolved template, mail for resolved templates
stops being sent. Any ideas why that might be? 


On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 19:26, Phil Homewood wrote:
> Sean Lutner wrote:
> > I've posted about this before, and I've been scouring the list archives
> > to no avail. What I would like to do is edit and/or replace the Ticket
> > Resolved template to include the original request. Some of my users have
> > been complaining that they get a ticket resolution and become confused
> > about which ticket the email is referring to. I've tried simple things
> > such as adding {$Transaction->Content()} just to see what it would get
> > me, but nothing came of that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> {$Ticket->Transactions->First->Content()}
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