[rt-users] NotifyOtherRecipients - not working OnCreate?

Andy Coates andy at bribed.net
Fri Jul 12 03:45:35 EDT 2002

> Andy Coates wrote:
> > At the moment I have two OnCreate's - one for 
> AutoreplyToRequestors, and
> > one for NotifyAdminCcs.  What I'm trying to do is add a 
> third which will
> > also send a template to NotifyOtherRecipients (CC and 
> BCCs), but after
> > adding the Scrip (verifying its applied to the right queue) 
> and creating
> > a test ticket from the web interface - its still only 
> sending OnCreate
> > mails to the first two Scrips, but not the new one.
> Are the addresses you expect to be CCs actually listed as
> ticket CCs when you view the ticket?

Yeah, once the ticket is created if I go to the "People" tab of the
ticket it shows them as Cc:

> (If not, you may be interested in $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs
> in config.pm.)

I'll have a look at that as well I think, might help.


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