[rt-users] Any advantage to using the other mysql tabletypes? (bdb, innodb) with RT?

Florian Weimer Weimer at CERT.Uni-Stuttgart.DE
Fri Jul 12 06:33:40 EDT 2002

Vivek Khera <khera at kcilink.com> writes:

>>>>>> "JM" == Jaye Mathisen <mrcpu at internetcds.com> writes:
> JM> just wondering if using different table types and transaction stuff might
> JM> let mysql run the other pending queries from other RT users...
> Not that this solves your problem, but my experience tells me that
> this is where Postgres really shines -- the concurrency model with
> transactions is really smart -- it does row level locking rather than
> table-level, and only locks the rows you're gonna update (if you tell
> it).

PostgreSQL does not implement row-level locking, but multi-version
concurrency control, right?

(The effect is about the same, though: parallel read/write access is
more or less independent.)

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