[rt-users] Problems with authentication

Jorge Valdes jvaldes at sv.intercomnet.net
Fri Jul 12 13:38:52 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I recently learned about RT from the mod_perl page, and decided to give it a try... I compiled apache w/mod_perl/mod_ssl installed rt 2.0.13 w/o problems. I installed HTML::Mason 1.04 and all the rest of packages from CPAN as per 'make fixdeps' without problems.

When I point my browser to the site, I get the Login page, but when I input the username/password (root/xxxx) I get the same page with the fields blank!!  If I add the user/pass fields on the URL, I log in as root, but cannot create/modify anything.  What gives??

Jorge Valdes
jvaldes at sv.intercomnet.net
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