[rt-users] Getting a little annoyed now

Chris Knipe savage at savage.za.org
Sat Jul 13 18:00:44 EDT 2002

> Chris Knipe:
> > With a bronze level support, I'm looking at US$6,000 for 4,000 tickets
> > annum.  In ZAR, that's more than R60,000 for the year, costing me ZAR60
> > ticket.  In my books, this is completely bizarre.
> Tell me, have you seen figures for support contracts for equivalent
> commercialware? They'll make your hair turn grey *immediately*.
> Oh, *and* you have to pay for the software. At least RT gives you a head
> start...

All I'm merely saying, is that I can't afford it, and that 1,000 tickets a
year is a tad overkill for 6K.  Hell, that's more than 3 tickets / day to be
able to utilise all 1,000.

Anways, I don't want to start a war on this...


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