[rt-users] Autoresponse for e-mail submitted jobs only

Neal Barney neal.barney at sdl.usu.edu
Tue Jul 16 14:19:22 EDT 2002

At my company there are currently two scrips that we use that are 
helpful to end users, but can occationally be a nuisance to the IT 

OnCreate AutoreplyToRequestors with template Autoreply
OnResolve NotifyRequestors with template Resolved

These are very helpful to the employees we support.  And most of the 
time, we like having them.  However, there are times that requestors 
phone us directly with their problems (normally, they submit a request 
through our intranet).  When we create a request for them through the 
web interface it marks us as the requestor and we end up receiving the 

Is it possible to generate an autoresponse only when the job was 
submitted through the e-mail gateway?


Neal J. Barney
USU/Space Dynamics Lab.
"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we
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