[rt-users] Installation: No RT user found. Please consult your RT administr ator.

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Tue Jul 16 22:43:57 EDT 2002

Blackstone, J. David wrote:
>   Of course, my first response (even before checking mailing lists) was to
> just say, "I'll accept the security risk and change the password when I can
> figure out how," and go on with it.  But I can't seem to log into the web
> interface, either as root (with the supposed default password of "password"
> or with the password I'm trying to set), or as rt_user.  [So even if adding
> users and messing around with configurations were the appropriate action to
> take at this stage, I can't get in anyway.]

Oops, I missed this bit.

"root" and "password" are the correct details; rt_user is only DB-side.
Your database and/or "root" user are messed up.


mysql -urt_user -p rt2
(enter your DB_RT_PASS here)
select * from Users where Name='root';

and report back?

>   The only thing that I think is unique about my setup is that I am
> installing in a pseudo user's directory.  I created a user rt of group rt.
> Everything involved in my rt setup is owned by this user, including Perl,   
> mysql, and Apache.

There could be a permissions problem happening here, yes...

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