[rt-users] Installation: No RT user found. Please consult yo ur RT administr ator.

Blackstone, J. David jdavid.blackstone at cingular.com
Wed Jul 17 07:10:40 EDT 2002

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> Blackstone, J. David wrote:
> >   Of course, my first response (even before checking 
> mailing lists) was to
> > just say, "I'll accept the security risk and change the 
> password when I can
> > figure out how," and go on with it.  But I can't seem to 
> log into the web
> > interface, either as root (with the supposed default 
> password of "password"
> > or with the password I'm trying to set), or as rt_user.  
> [So even if adding
> > users and messing around with configurations were the 
> appropriate action to
> > take at this stage, I can't get in anyway.]
> Oops, I missed this bit.
> Hmm.
> "root" and "password" are the correct details; rt_user is 
> only DB-side.
> Your database and/or "root" user are messed up.
> Try: 
> mysql -urt_user -p rt2
> (enter your DB_RT_PASS here)
> select * from Users where Name='root';
> and report back?

  It returns an empty set.

> Oops, I missed this bit.

  Yeah, I was trying to head off responses that told me to go to the WebUI
since the email archive is full of them and I wondered how many of those
people ever got passed their problems.  All is forgiven, though the next
person to do it will have no excuse. :)

  I keep trying to trace through the rt_admin tool with the Perl debugger,
but haven't got a good enough handle on what's going on yet to say anything
with certainty.  I still have this suspicion somebody's going to tell me
that it's not okay to have everything installed as user rt.  (Which is okay,
as long as I find out sooner rather than later. :) )

  Thanks for the help, any more insight you can provide would be great!


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