[rt-users] Installation: No RT user found. Please consult yo ur RT administr ator.

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Wed Jul 17 07:20:28 EDT 2002

Blackstone, J. David wrote:
> > select * from Users where Name='root';
>   It returns an empty set.

Right; there's your problem. The root user didn't get added to the db.

(Does "select * from Users;" show /any/ users added?)

> I still have this suspicion somebody's going to tell me
> that it's not okay to have everything installed as user rt.  (Which is okay,
> as long as I find out sooner rather than later. :) )

I've not heard of anyone doing it, but I can't think of any obvious
reason for it to fail. 

So far you've got an rt2 database with at least some correct table
structure, but a missing user. And a WebUI that won't let you in.
To me, this indicates that something went awry in populating the
initial database records, but everything is otherwise okay. Now
we have to figure out what died. :-)

"make dropdb" and retry the "make install", perhaps? Keep a very
close eye on the output for any sign of insertion failure.
(Note, this will clobber your config.pm. Make a backup. :-)

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