[rt-users] Requestor-mode interface and multiple-requestor access to tickets

Robie Basak robie at principle.co.uk
Fri Jul 19 03:02:45 EDT 2002


I'm currently using RT 2.0.13 (though upgrading isn't a problem if it's

We need to provide access to our customers to see their tickets for the
first time. To do this, I just set the username that corresponded to the
requestor (same as email, he got automatically added at some point) a
password, and he can now log in and gets the requestor-mode interface.

I currently have globally given the pseudogroup Requestor the right to
ReplyToTicket and ShowTicket, and on the queue I want customers to see
(the Support queue) the pseudogroup Everyone has rights to CreateTicket
and SeeQueue.

The trouble is, I want him to be able to view all tickets generated by
his company, not just those originating from his own email address. So
access-control based on the requestor field won't work.

How do I do this?

The first thing to do is identify which users should be able to see
which tickets; in my case this would be the domain part of the email
address, though that's not very generic and keywords would probably be a
better solution (especially as they can't set them). We do have keywords
set for this purpose, so ideally I'd like to provide a list of users
corresponding to a particular keyword, and any ticket with that keyword
would be able to be viewed by all those users, IYSWIM.

For example, all tickets generated by this company have the Company
keyword set to X. I'd like to provide a list of users which will be able
to see the ticket if the ticket's keywords includes "Company: X", using
the requestor-mode interface.

Any ideas? I reckon this is a fairly generic requirement so if any
hacking is needed then I'll happily code it, I'd like to know what
solution is likely to be accepted and then I'll provide a patch.


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