[rt-users] Parent-child functionality

Smylers smylers at gbdirect.co.uk
Mon Jul 22 05:00:00 EDT 2002

Samuel P Howard wrote:

> 1 - Reporting tools to show, say in tree format, a list of children of
> a parent ticket

The ordinary ticket display already does this, up to a depth of 8

> 2 - An easier way of opening a child ticket while displaying a (new)
> parent.  I.E. a link/button to "Create Child".

That's fairly simple to add.  Ticket/Create.html already has a
$MemberOf argument, but doesn't seem to do anything with it[*0].
However it's trivial to use this -- change this line:

  <TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT>Children</TD><TD><input size=10 name="MemberOf-new"></TD></TR>

to this:

  <TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT>Children</TD><TD><input size=10 name="MemberOf-new" value="<% $MemberOf %>"></TD></TR>

so that if $MemberOf is supplied, it populates the appropriate field
without the user having to type it.  You can test this by setting
MemberOf in the URL:


Once you've got that working, you just need to put a link in ticket
display pages that links to the above, but using the current queue and
ticket numbers.

[*0]  I'm still on 2.0.13; things may be different since Friday.


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