[rt-users] Re: Resolve Ticket Template

Wolfgang W. Baumann baumann at zib.de
Thu Jul 25 10:27:02 EDT 2002

Phil Homewood <pdh at snapgear.com> (2002-Jul-12 09:26) wrote:
> Sean Lutner wrote:
> > I've posted about this before, and I've been scouring the list archives
> > to no avail. What I would like to do is edit and/or replace the Ticket
> > Resolved template to include the original request. [...]
> {$Ticket->Transactions->First->Content()}

I've been working on a related problem, and this solved the first part
of it. Thanks!

Now the second part: 

I like to also include the final comment made by the person resolving
the ticket. 

Here's the Template:

Subject: [{$rtname} #{$Ticket->id}] Resolved: {$Ticket->Subject()}

Ticket No.:  [{$rtname} #{$Ticket->id}]

According to our records, your request has been resolved. If you have any
further questions or concerns, please respond to this message.

The HLRN Support Team

Your request and the final remarks are noted below.
--- Your request was -------------------------------------------


---- Final remarks are ------------------------------------------



This works as intended, but not in all cases. 

Resolving a ticket logs both the status change and the correspondence.

Sometimes the correspondence is the last item and is written in the mail, as we expect. 

When the status change ist the last transaction nothing gets written in the
mail (which is correct from a logical point of view).

How do I get the correspondence?

Or, how do I enforce the sequence of transactions recorded (first the
status change then the correspondence)?

Have A Nice Day,
Wolfgang W. Baumann       baumann at zib.de         CFD Consultant @ ZIB & HLRN

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