[rt-users] changing domain

Rick Rezinas rick.rezinas at qsent.com
Mon Jul 29 19:10:45 EDT 2002


I have a recent installation of rt2 (live about 2 weeks).  One of my
instructions is to change the tagline from 
[qsent.com #xxx ] to 

[ Qsent Request #xxx ]

It looks like this is just a matter of changing $rtname

What are the gotchas here, and workarounds?

My thoughts are the following:

1) Old tickets blow up?
   How is rt going to handle the old tickets?  Fortunately, we aren't so
entrenched yet that much will be lost.

2) Other changes?  Is that the only (or even correct) configuration for
doing this?

3) breaks rt?  Can this damage my installation somehow?

4) Anything else?


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