[rt-users] New install: "WebRT: No ticket specified"?

James Satterfield JSatterfield at ciphergen.com
Wed Jul 31 12:05:59 EDT 2002

Galeon works quite well for me and 2.0.13.
And mozilla is only used in galeon to render AFAIK.

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From: "Seth" <seth at ttsg.com>
>  Are you using mozilla version 0.97 by any chance? This was the exact
error I got using that version of the browser. The reason is there is a bug
in mozilla 0.97 that any form with a "file" option hangs it.
> easy test is to try another web browser to submit the ticket.

Aha - that seems to be it. I use Galeon, and kind of forget that it's really
Mozilla underneath :) Thanks!


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