[rt-users] rt-2-0-14, Red Hat 7.3 and CGI::Cookie 1.20 requirement

Nicolas Mailhot Nicolas.Mailhot at laposte.net
Wed Jul 31 04:07:29 EDT 2002

[Re-send since the first one didn't seem to make it to the list]


	I'm currently trying to build a clean set of rpms for rt install on RH
7.3 (I would be happy to contribute the resulting rpms/srpms/spec files
once it's done btw).

	Clean means no repackaging of modules that are provided by the base
distro, some attempt at correct inter-rpm dependencies, etc.

	Now I've run into the following problem : CGI::Cookie is provided by
the perl-CGI core Red Hat rpm, and is strongly linked to the perl
version, so upgrading it would mean major trashing of the perl install.
I have no wish to do so, I can build a limbo/rawhide/highly instable
server as well as anyone else but I'd like to install rt on an existing
production server without breaking everything else.

	Red Hat 7.3 packages perl 5.6.1, which provides CGI::Cookie 1.18. Given
Red Hat's history of .0 releases it will be on production servers for a
*long* time. Is there any known problem with this version of CGI::Cookie
and rt, or was 1.20 just the latest CGI::Cookie version tested ?

	(please CC me as I'm not subscribed to the list)


Nicolas Mailhot
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