[rt-users] converting rt 1.0 mysql database SLOW

Greg White gregw-rt-users at greg.cex.ca
Tue Sep 3 21:11:03 EDT 2002

On Tue Sep 09/03/02, 2002 at 05:45:36PM -0700, Scott wrote:
> Hello,
>  We have been running rt 1.0 for a very long time.  We
> have finally decided to make the switch to 2.0.  The
> problem is, we have approx 65,000 records.  When we
> run the import-1.0-to-2.0 script, everything seems
> fine for awhile.. until about 12,00 records or so.  It
> starts getting really slow.. then really really slow..
> at about 22,000 or so, its at a snails pace.. 5 days
> later we were at 31,000.  This is the ONLY thing
> running on a p4 1.4 scsi FreeBSD system with 512 meg
> ram. 

Two suggestions:

1. Find out where it is blocking -- is it disk I/O, memory, network (may
not be involved) or just MySQL? If, e.g., 'top' shows low CPU util. and
free memory, and the network's not involved, try #2...

2. MySQL seems to me to be a likely culprit. The default configuration
was never meant to be beat upon with a 64K record import -- search the
archives for high-load MySQL configuration, or use good old Google.


Greg White

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