[rt-users] RT2.0.14, keywords, and email interface

Mark E. Dawson, Jr. medawsonjr at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 11 09:40:43 EDT 2002

First of all, let me state that you guys have been
very helpful up to now in my evaluation of RT as a 
replacement for our Siebel environment.

I got a test system set up yesterday to demonstrate
before the IT Director and a few other managerial
types.  They loved it.

HOWEVER, they did feel that the web interface for
creating tickets displayed a little too much to the
user.  For instance, there were drop down menus on
that page for selecting the state of the ticket, for
assigning the ticket to a specific person, etc.  All
these options on this interface could confuse an
end-user, or even create havoc with them assigning
their own tickets to people they want (all of user
X's tickets always seems to get assigned to me).

Therefore, management likes the idea of the users
using the email correspondence.  However, there is
no facility for users to specify keywords in their
email that will get populated in the keyword section
of the ticket creation.  This capability *is* pro-
vided from the web interface for ticket creation,

Is there a way for a standard email ticket to specify
keywords you've created that will automatically get
recognized by RT and populated in the ticket?

Alternatively, if we took our current Keywords, such
as "Applications", and turned them into queues instead
is there a way for RT to prune the email looking for
such tag words in the subject or body and have it 
automatically assign to a given queue?

Thanks in advance.

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