[rt-users] on single comment send mail to cc

Ferguson, Kevin KFerguso at chi.navtech.com
Thu Sep 12 10:40:20 EDT 2002

To enable the CC/BCC fields in the Reply and Comment screens, you
need to set up the additional scrips using the NotifyOtherRecipients
actions.  Here are the additional scrips on my machine.

OnComment NotifyOtherRecipientsAsComment with template Correspondence
OnCorrespond NotifyOtherRecipients with template Correspondence


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Subject: [rt-users] on single comment send mail to cc


The cc field at the comment page does not funktion.
There is no email send to any mail adress I enter there.

If I make a script then a mail is send to all ppl marked cc in the 
people field of the ticket.

But I thought the cc field on the comment page should be a one time 
notice field directly for this single comment.
And this is exactly what I need.

Is there a bug or has this to be elsewhere configured?

I use rt 2.0.13 and the mail is working.

see you Jörn Albert

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