[rt-users] RT with a french interface

Harald Wagener hwagener at hamburg.fcb.com
Fri Sep 13 10:50:25 EDT 2002

Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:

>RT looks very interesting to me but I can only consider to install it in my 
>company in Belgium (French speaking part) if the interface exists in French.
>Does a translatio of the RT interface in French exists already ? If not, how 
>much work is it to translate it and how to do it ?

I translated 2.0.12 to german by duplicating all the html and mason 
files in the /path/to/rt2/local/WebRT and doing the translation there. 
It took me about 30 hours. The main page must be adapted in config.pm 
WebOptions and that's it. Pretty straightforward, and You learn alot 
about the web frontend's structure. Obsolete by the time 2.1.xx becomes 
3.0 nonetheless - they have language support built in already.


>THank you very much,

Harald Wagener*An der Alster 42*20099 Hamburg*http://www.fcb-wilkens.com

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