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THAUVIN Blaise (Dir. Informatique FRP) bthauvin at clearchannel.fr
Fri Sep 13 06:39:53 EDT 2002


I'd be happy to participate in this project too. I've been using RT for
quite a while now and having a French version would let me use it even more
Some departments out of the IT hot line are considering it but are
relunctant to use RT in English (most people in their departments don't
speak English).

And some even have a budget to spare for some specific needs they have, so
it could mean revenue for Jesse.

Blaise Thauvin
Groupe France Rail Publicité
Directeur Informatique
bthauvin at clearchannel.fr <mailto:bthauvin at clearchannel.fr> 
+33 1 40 82 82 25

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Le Vendredi 13 Septembre 2002 05:21, Jesse Vincent a écrit :
> I take it back. I _have_ recieved the start of a french
> translation which hasn't yet been integrated into 2.1. Expect that
> to happen in the next week.
> 	Best,
> 	Jesse

Thank you for the info.

I am ready to help with the translation. Please put me in contact with the 
translator to French.


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