[rt-users] Autoreply by nobody

Kirill Miazine lists at krot.org
Fri Sep 13 08:14:10 EDT 2002

* Nicolas Mailhot [2002-09-13 14:01]:
> 	We've been playing with rt 2 lately, and found to our great sorrow
> request tracker insists on autoreplying as nobody at localdomain to new
> requests. This setting do not seem to be configurable anywhere

I've modified the mail sending bit of my lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm to
look like this:

    if ($RT::MailCommand eq 'sendmailpipe') {
        my $From =
            $args{From} =~ /([\w.-]+\@[a-z0-9][a-z0-9.-]*\.[a-z]{2,})/i
                ? "-f $1"
                : undef;
        open (MAIL, "|$RT::SendmailPath $From $RT::SendmailArguments")
            or return(0);
        print MAIL $entity->as_string;


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