[rt-users] Autoreply by nobody

Kirill Miazine lists at krot.org
Fri Sep 13 10:31:51 EDT 2002

* Nicolas Mailhot [2002-09-13 16:17]:
> > 2) missing $From in:
> >      open(MAIL, "|$RT::SendmailPath $From $RT::SendmailArguments")
> >                                      ^^^^^ <- this is -f sender at you.hoo
> Damn, missed this.
> This means your workaround only works with senmailpipe, right ?

It can work with the other one too, I happen to use senmailpipe.

> > > Could you please enlighten me on what your code should do (seems I'm
> > > good for a perl crash course anyway:()
> > 
> > It takes address matching a quite simplre regex from From: header field
> > and tells sendmail to use it as the envelope sender address (-f option).
> Well, that's more or less what I understood. I guess I've been staring
> at perl code too long:).
> Unfortunately, even with small f and big from this does not seem to
> work:(

What's your MTA? Is it configured to accept -f option to set the sender?

It should be noted that "-f sender at some.thing" will set the _envelope_
sender to sender at some.thing. But since sender is extracted from From:,
it shouldn't matter in this case.

What do you have in From: header field?


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