[rt-users] New Install: User creation, System config questions

Drew Mooney dmmooney at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 15 09:36:03 EDT 2002

New rt-2.0.14 installation.

I need to add many-many users to the system and I'm finding the web user
creation more than a little tedious.

1. Is it possible to add users via RT-CLI commands? If so, where do I
find info on the proper syntax? The install and admin docs seem scanty
on doing anything NOT involving using the webUI.

2. What about keywords? Is it likewise possible to create a keyword
heirarchy via the commandline - perhaps parsing a text file into
many-many SQL INSERTS rather than via the webUI?

3. I've got to add @150 users - not all of whom will be active on the
system, but need to use it from time to time. I'd like to be able to
create a ticket as each user gets added to the system with a scrip
action like 

'OnCreateUser' 'NotifyNewUserToModifySelf'. [set password to something
other than the default I setup, update contact info, etc.]

Has anyone done anything like this?


Drew M. Mooney

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