[rt-users] New Install: User creation, System config questions

Harald Wagener hwagener at hamburg.fcb.com
Mon Sep 16 10:30:37 EDT 2002

Drew Mooney wrote:

>New rt-2.0.14 installation.
>I need to add many-many users to the system and I'm finding the web user
>creation more than a little tedious.
>1. Is it possible to add users via RT-CLI commands? If so, where do I
>find info on the proper syntax? The install and admin docs seem scanty
>on doing anything NOT involving using the webUI.

Use the 'rtadmin' cli command. path to rt2>/bin/rtadmin --help will give 
You info on basic usage. If You have an LDAP user database, there are 
scipts and add ons in the contrib download directory that might help You 
as well.

>2. What about keywords? Is it likewise possible to create a keyword
>heirarchy via the commandline - perhaps parsing a text file into
>many-many SQL INSERTS rather than via the webUI?

Use the 'rt' cli command. <path to rt2>/bin/rt --help will give You info 
on basic usage.

>3. I've got to add @150 users - not all of whom will be active on the
>system, but need to use it from time to time. I'd like to be able to
>create a ticket as each user gets added to the system with a scrip
>action like 
>'OnCreateUser' 'NotifyNewUserToModifySelf'. [set password to something
>other than the default I setup, update contact info, etc.]

AFAIK, password generation is not part of RT 2.0, but You sould hack it 
in Yourself. Alternatively, if You use LDAP, You can get this 
information from Your ldap directory and authenticate against that (see 
contrib stuff again).

>Has anyone done anything like this?

Yes (-: . It's easy with LDAP, and manageable with every other setup. If 
You want to do perl stuff and ldap, I'd recommend Net::LDAP, as it 
doesn't rely on the C LDAP SDK, which is a pain to work with.


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