[rt-users] New Install: User creation, System config questions

Drew Mooney dmmooney at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 17 08:20:43 EDT 2002

Harald Wagener wrote:
<much snippage>
> Use the 'rtadmin' cli command. path to rt2>/bin/rtadmin --help will give
> You info on basic usage. If You have an LDAP user database, there are
> scipts and add ons in the contrib download directory that might help You
> as well.

Thanks for the cli info. Did I miss something in the RTFM? IIRC, the
only CLI docs in the RTFM deal with ticket creation...I'll check out the
rtadmin help in a bit...

> >
> >'OnCreateUser' 'NotifyNewUserToModifySelf'. [set password to something
> >other than the default I setup, update contact info, etc.]
> >
> AFAIK, password generation is not part of RT 2.0, but You sould hack it in Yourself. Alternatively, if You use LDAP, You can get this information from Your ldap directory and authenticate against that (see contrib stuff again).

Harald, I think I phrased my question poorly. My goal is to automate
creation of a ticket owned by the new-user at every user-creation event.
The ticket would 'require' that the new user: login to RT; change
his/her password; and update contact info. With the 150+ userbase at my
site, this would be a HUGE time saver for our RT admins. 

The alternatives? Tracking newuser password changes piecemeal, and
maintaining user-related email threads offline from RT. This scheme
would keep everything RT-related on RT. It's _probably_ of limited
utility after the up-front flood of user-creations required by deploying
RT, but still a worthwhile endeavor I think.

Sounds like I need to study LDAP... :-)

> >Has anyone done anything like this?
> >
> Yes (-: . It's easy with LDAP, and manageable with every other setup. If
> You want to do perl stuff and ldap, I'd recommend Net::LDAP, as it
> doesn't rely on the C LDAP SDK, which is a pain to work with.
> Regards,
>     Harald
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