[rt-users] Question about OnIncomingEmail...

Williams, Jason jwilliams at olchs.org
Tue Sep 17 10:01:13 EDT 2002

James, this is what I did to the IncomingEmail insert script to solve this
problem (http://lists.fsck.com/pipermail/rt-users/2002-July/008995.html):

<                       Name => 'OnIncomingEmail',
<                       Description =>  'Matches when the transaction was
generated via Email',
<                       ApplicableTransTypes =>  'Any',
<                       Argument => '^Date, ^From',
>                       Name => 'OnIncomingEmailCreate',
>                       Description =>  'Matches when the ticket was created
via Email',
>                       ApplicableTransTypes =>  'Create',
>                       Argument => '^Received, ^Date, ^From',

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I am using the OnIncomingEmail scrip condition because a lot of the time the
requestor calls in, so I create a call for them through the web interface.
My problem is that when I correspond with them through the web interface and
the respond to that correspondence they get an autoresponse from RT... This
is the auto response that I want to use only when a call is created via
email.  Is their anyway to send the autoresponder only when a call is
created via email.  Not every time an email is received?

James L. Harrison
harrison at palisadesys.com
Technical Support Engineer
Palisade Systems

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