[rt-users] RT Reports - Time Worked?

Drew Mooney dmmooney at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 17 13:10:00 EDT 2002

On Tue, 17 Sep 2002 14:40:55 -0400 Harald Wagener <hwagener at hamburg.fcb.com>

>1. I assume only a ticket owner can peg the time worked counter? If
>multiple users work the same ticket, each would in turn have to 'steal'
>or 'take' ownership of the ticket to report time worked on a particular
>issue, correct?´

no. Anyone can change that counter.

DMM. Now That's cool. Just tried this - and it works fine...

>2. Is there any way to track these time pegs by user, and not just by
>total time accumulated per ticket?  >

changing the 'time worked' field is a transaction being tracked in the 
history by user. But it is not easy to use in the matter You want, 
because 'time worked' is absolute. 

DMM - here's the rub. Well, I'd say this is a big enough deal that I and at
least one colleague will be busy figuring out how to track these times in the
days to come. If we come up with anything potentially useful to the general RT
public we'll most certainly post it to this list.

>3. I've looked to the 'contrib' pages. There're Reports.html and
>Weekly.html apparently developed by Jesse Himself? but there's no README
>with it. Where does this plug in?

Just put them into <path to rt2>/WebRT/html/. You probably have to tweak 
some variables.

DMM. Thanks. I thought that's where they'd go, but it seemed too simple. Doh!
>BTW - if i haven't said so yet, thanks to Jesse & Associates, and all of
>you guys on users and developers for a software package I'm becoming
>ever more impressed with...this stuff rocks.

If You really want to show some thankfulness, try to arrange for some 
money to hire Jesse in Your budget...

DMM - somehow or other, I would very much like to see Jesse & Associates on
our retainer...such matters are beyond my purview at this point, but with a
bit of poking and prodding? Who knows?



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