[rt-users] RT Reports - Time Worked?

Drew Mooney dmmooney at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 17 07:53:55 EDT 2002


My management team would be a bit quicker to embrace RT if I could show
them a way to track billable vs. non-billable hours worked by ticket
owners. [not just against a particular ticket if you see the

I see that it's possible with the Time Worked field to enter this sort
of data into a ticket's history - but I'm not clear on how to generate
reports on it. Specific questions:

1. I assume only a ticket owner can peg the time worked counter? If
multiple users work the same ticket, each would in turn have to 'steal'
or 'take' ownership of the ticket to report time worked on a particular
issue, correct?

2. Is there any way to track these time pegs by user, and not just by
total time accumulated per ticket?  Unfortunately, we're evaluated by
our weekly and monthly 'billability' - percentage of hours in a week we
spend supporting billable activities. So while knowing just how many
hours to charge a particular customer for support activities is a Good
Thing(tm), knowing the distribution of those billable hours amongst the
troops would be Much Nicer(tm).

3. I've looked to the 'contrib' pages. There're Reports.html and
Weekly.html apparently developed by Jesse Himself? but there's no README
with it. Where does this plug in?

BTW - if i haven't said so yet, thanks to Jesse & Associates, and all of
you guys on users and developers for a software package I'm becoming
ever more impressed with...this stuff rocks.

Drew M. Mooney
Motorola Professional Services

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