[rt-users] RT-Send-CC field length

Janne Pirkkanen jp at oppipoika.net
Mon Sep 23 09:52:58 EDT 2002


We have played with RT for about three months now. It is awesome.

Our people wants to use copy (RT-Send-CC) -field in 
Ticket/Update.html to send orders from RT to our suppliers so that 
they can have all information regarding one request in same place. 
There is one problem: For some reason RT-Send-CC -field takes only 
two or three email addresses (regarding of addresses length) and 
looses rest of them. In many cases we need more addresses to that 
field, but I can't find the code that causes that behaviour.

Have anyone else had this problem? How it could be fixed? Or is it 
maby in our modifications? Or is it RT:s feature and we have to think 
about something else?

We are using RT 2.0.13/14.


- Janne P
email: jp at oppipoika.net

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