[rt-users] Nice to have...

Mike Hobbs michael.hobbs at pace.co.uk
Wed Sep 25 05:08:21 EDT 2002

I've been thinking it would be nice to have...

1. Automatic addition of incoming request CCs to the CC list
   for the ticket (with the owner's option of removing them).

2. RT mail commands don't seem to be implemented in RT2 but it
   would be nice to be able to correspond by email and also set
   attributes of the ticket by commands within the email.
3. Automatic setting of initial priority based on identifation
   of the requestor's email address (to give priority to
   customers with a maintenance contract). Automatic setting
   of keywords would also be useful.

4. Automatic (intelligent) removal/truncation of email signatures.
   In these days where people are using ever-increasing amounts
   of personal info and legal disclaimers in sigs it clutters
   a ticket history (as does excessive quoting also), so it would
   be really good to supress it. However, it would not be good to
   strip all sig info espacially on creation of the ticket.
   This would need careful implementation.

Anyone had the same ideas?  Anyone got any implementations of
these ideas, or should I start figuring out how to do it myself?


Mike Hobbs
IPTV Technical Support Engineer
Tel +44 (0) 1223 518522
Pace Micro Technology, Cambridge, CB5 8PB

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