[rt-users] New Ticket Web Interface

Rich Lafferty rich+rt at lafferty.ca
Wed Sep 25 17:21:17 EDT 2002

On Wed, Sep 25, 2002 at 02:23:16PM -0500, Ferguson, Kevin <KFerguso at chi.navtech.com> wrote:
> It depends on what you mean by "any person wanting to open a ticket".
> Any person can open a ticket by email.  If they are not an RT user, a
> user will be created for them automagically.  However, for a user to 
> access the WebUI, they must have a login/password.  This means that only
> those users that you have entered and assigned a password to will be 
> able to create a ticket.  They must be able to login in order to access
> the main "Start" page.

It's also pretty straightforward to do this without a password, with
a Web form that:

  * talks to the API to create the ticket
  * calls rt(1) to create the ticket
  * sends mail (or calls rt-mailgate itself).

The last one seems most straightforward to me. :-)


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