[rt-users] timezone Qs

Sherrill (Pei-chih) Verbrugge spv at gospelcom.net
Thu Sep 26 14:49:45 EDT 2002

I looked through mail archives, but I didn't find the answer to my
question.  Could anyone help please?

How can I display date/time of my email header as the local time?  I think
RT internal uses GMT time.  I need to display everything in EDT time.  I
have modified config.pm to use EDT timezone, and it displays correctly in
WebRT.  My MySQL server is running using EDT timezone as well.  But, in
the tickets table, the time is recorded in GMT and so do all the emails
we receive.  Do you have any idea how to change this to EDT?

I see Date.pm and RT.pm use gmtime() function.  Is it bad if I change that
to use localtime() function?  Are there any reasons that the time in RT
should be kept in GMT?

Thanks for your help,
Sherrill (Pei-chih) Verbrugge

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge" - Proverbs 1:7

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