[rt-users] Permissions questions

Sherrill (Pei-chih) Verbrugge spv at gospelcom.net
Fri Sep 27 14:11:15 EDT 2002

You can ...

1. setup email aliases admins and sub-admins and make them AdminCc
2. install OnOwnerChange script
3. setup AdminCc on comment use comment template
4. When the sub-admins converse and work on the ticket, just make sure
that the message is sent to the queue comment address only
(queuename-comment at aaa.com)  ==> by default, it won't email to the

This should do exactly what you describe below.  The only thing is that
everyone (admins and sub-admins) will get the tickets.  If you want only
admins to receive all the tickets and sub-admins only receive assigned
tickets, you can setup admins to AdminCc and instruct admins to add
sub-admins in AdminCc to the certain tickets when necessary.


> Young Sul wrote:
> *****
> "...We want to create a queue where a group of admins receive tickets. They
> then
> assign those tickets to a group of sub-admins. The sub-admins should be
> able to receive email notifying them of a new assigned ticket, work
> on the ticket, be able to close/resolve (i.e. change status) the ticket
> and make comments, BUT NOT be able to email the original requestor.
> (we've had some incidents where overly-casual comments got back to the
> customer)..."
> ************************

Sherrill (Pei-chih) Verbrugge

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