[rt-users] Next-Action-Required date? or another solution?

rt-users rt-users at lists.netways.de
Fri Sep 27 07:58:13 EDT 2002


>What I'd like to do is to track the date when we should next 
>follow up on
>the ticket.  My thought is to throw the ticket into "stalled" 
>until that
>date comes along, and have it automatically reopened when the 
>date is hit
>(perhaps via a Scrip Action).
>Are there any thoughts on how to implement this?  Is my approach to the
>problem sensible?

We made another box on the homepage, that displays all the tickets, that
are overdue (where the duedate is less than now). When setting a due
date and the status to stalled, tickets are no longer displayed, but
they apear again, when they are overdue.

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