[rt-users] Permissions questions

Drew Mooney dmmooney at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 27 13:14:01 EDT 2002

Young Sul wrote:

"...We want to create a queue where a group of admins receive tickets. They
assign those tickets to a group of sub-admins. The sub-admins should be
able to receive email notifying them of a new assigned ticket, work
on the ticket, be able to close/resolve (i.e. change status) the ticket
and make comments, BUT NOT be able to email the original requestor.
(we've had some incidents where overly-casual comments got back to the

Young, etc

What if you setup a queue with both of the mail aliases both pointing to
'queuename-comment' rather than one pointing to 'queuename' and the other to
the corresponding 'queuename-comment' mail alias?

It would seem to me that unless a user/admin deliberately added a customer
email address to the CC: or adminCC: fields for a given ticket, that even
'Reply' actions on a ticket would keep the email correspondence internal. 

Moving resolved tickets to the higher-level queue, and scrubbing their history
thread of non-politically correct comments would then make it safe to use the
'Reply' function.

Anyone else out there think this would work?

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