[rt-users] Permissions questions

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Thu Sep 26 22:18:44 EDT 2002

Young Sul wrote:
> I have created an admin group with the "normal" permissions:
>  ModifyTicket
>  OwnTicket
>  ShowTicket
>  ShowTicketComments
>  Watch
>  WatchAsAdminCc
> (I also had to add these users to be watchers to receive mail)

They probably want ReplyToTicket too.

> And then a the sub-admin group with:
>  CommentOnTicket
>  Watch
>  ShowTicketComments
>  ShowTicket
>  OwnTicket
>  SeeQueue
>  CreateTicket
>  DeleteTicket
> It looks like the sub-group can comment, and can't reply to the requestor,
> but
> they DON'T receive email, and they can't change the status of the ticket.

Give them ModifyTicket and assign them as queue watchers too.

Personally I'd probably set it up so that the Admin group only had
ReplyToTicket, and assign your "trusted" admins to both the admin
and sub-admin groups.

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