[rt-users] RT Performance Issues

Stuart Krivis sgk at apk.net
Fri Sep 20 12:36:16 EDT 2002

--On Thursday, September 19, 2002 5:57 PM -0500 "James L. Harrison" 
<harrison at palisadesys.com> wrote:

> How many tickets/users do you have... I have about 500 tickets and just
> one person (me) who uses RT web interface...My box is a 1Ghz Celeron
> with 192Mb of RAM... It runs fine....
> I am curious because I want to know what will happen if the amount of
> people/tickets gets increased.

Ticket 1 was 07-19-02 and we're up to 493 now. About 30 users, 14 queues, 
most tickets get a fair amount of comments/replies and a lot have attached 
documents. I've also added quite a few scrips beyond the defaults. One of 
the queues gets escalated every hour, so there's activity from that too.

There's plenty of room for hardware upgrades. New server with SMP, more 
RAM, SCSI HDs, RAID.... :-)


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