[rt-users] Questions on usernames and passwords

Sebastian Flothow lists at flothow.de
Sat Jan 4 09:28:09 EST 2003

> I am creating a CanonicalizeAddress routine for my employer's use. It
> would do
> $email =~ s/\@.*ourdomain\.com//i;
> return $email;
> (Since the part before '@' in my company is unique, this is ok I 
> expect.)

No, it isn't ok since RT will send mail to that address. And you 
probably get mail from other domains too, right?

> Another question: I want to assign a password and mail it back if the
> ticket is indeed from someone in ourdomain.com

Jesse posted a template snippet back in November:
< http://lists.fsck.com/pipermail/rt-users/2002-November/010705.html >

You'd just need to a add a check for your domain.

(BTW, why are the messages in the list archive not properly MIME 


Sebastian Flothow
sebastian at flothow.de
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