[rt-users] Questions on usernames and passwords

Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 4 11:19:55 EST 2003


As far as I understood, you have already some kind of 
external user database, and want to create those users in RT. 

Why don't you try to utilize some kind of external user authentication
(this way the passwords are the same everywhere), and 
user importing?

There are solutions with LDAP, which work fine with 
Microsoft Exchange/Active directory, and with any other LDAP service. 

The simpliest way for password management is Apache authentication:
it has plenty different methods, there must be the one that suits you. 


--- "Binand Raj S." <binand at gmx.net> wrote:
> Another question: I want to assign a password and mail it back if the
> ticket is indeed from someone in ourdomain.com - I am fiddling around
> with Email.pm. What I need is to assign a default password (generated
> via mkpasswd) and possibly ModifySelf too.
> I plan to add:
> (All this in the else branch of the if inside GetCurrentUser)
> my $pwd = undef;
> if ($Address !~ /\@/) {
>    $pwd = `/usr/bin/mkpasswd -s 0`;
> }
> And then call $NewUser->Create (Passwd => $pwd);

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