[rt-users] Search for dead tickets fails?

Seth Cohn, EFN General Manager gm at efn.org
Thu Jan 9 16:43:57 EST 2003

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Bruce Campbell wrote:

> Ok, lets clarify that:
> 	'Dead Tickets cannot be retrieved by searching for them, in RT as
> 	 shipped.'
> This is done by a special case in the RT::Tickets->Next() method, which
> goes for the Next ticket when it encounters a dead one, eg:
> $ grep -A 3 'dead' lib/RT/Tickets.pm
>             #Make sure we _never_ show dead tickets
>             #TODO we should be doing this in the where clause.
>             #but you can't do multiple clauses on the same field just yet :/
>             if ($Ticket->Status eq 'dead') {
>                 return($self->Next());
>             }
>             elsif ($Ticket->CurrentUserHasRight('ShowTicket')) {

Thank you, that was the code I was looking for.

> Of course, there are three lines in the above that you could comment out,
> if you wanted to retrieve 'dead' tickets via searches.

yet another 'little' tweak to the system I guess.

> > I agree with that.  I'm working on a spamfiltering tool to kill spam
> > tickets (based on the autoresponse bounce) and I did a search and noticed
> > 'hey, wait a sec...."
> Oooh, thats nifty, but wouldn't the bounce take a long time occasionally?

Agreed.  it's not the best solution, _but_ short of spamfiltering the
queue mail before it gets to RT, it's a good attempt.

> ( eg, the sending domain exists, but isn't responding on port 25.  Your
>   local MTA would then wait a default of 8 hours before returning a
>   warning message.

True.  Same for spam with a valid return address (or one that doesn't
generate a bounce at least).

>  Ditto for false positives when a customer sends from
>   their private domain complaining that their mail is down; you'd kill
>   their ticket because their mail is bouncing ;) )

I'm planning on modifying the kill script (which simply filters the bounce
address, looks for MAILER-DAEMON and the ticket #, and calls rt
commandline) to avoid killing 'local' domains.

But yes, this is one reason I want to be able to search dead tickets.

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