[rt-users] Search for dead tickets fails?

Bruce Campbell bruce_campbell at ripe.net
Thu Jan 9 04:59:39 EST 2003

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Seth Cohn, EFN General Manager wrote:

> On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Rich Lafferty wrote:
> > > Running RT 2.0.14,  A search for dead tickets fails to find any, though
> > > there are dead tickets, and entering a number for one pulls it up.
> >
> > Dead tickets won't ever appear in the web interface by design.
> Except it _will_ appear if you enter the number in the web interface.
> You can also _select_ Dead as a status option in search, but it's a bogus
> option and never works.  This seems like a bug.  Either the option
> shouldn't be visible, or it should work.

Ok, lets clarify that:

	'Dead Tickets cannot be retrieved by searching for them, in RT as

This is done by a special case in the RT::Tickets->Next() method, which
goes for the Next ticket when it encounters a dead one, eg:

$ grep -A 3 'dead' lib/RT/Tickets.pm
            #Make sure we _never_ show dead tickets
            #TODO we should be doing this in the where clause.
            #but you can't do multiple clauses on the same field just yet :/

            if ($Ticket->Status eq 'dead') {
            elsif ($Ticket->CurrentUserHasRight('ShowTicket')) {

Of course, there are three lines in the above that you could comment out,
if you wanted to retrieve 'dead' tickets via searches.

> > The
> > only difference between "dead" and "deleted" is that you can't
> > delete tickets without affecting referential integrity.
> I agree with that.  I'm working on a spamfiltering tool to kill spam
> tickets (based on the autoresponse bounce) and I did a search and noticed
> 'hey, wait a sec...."

Oooh, thats nifty, but wouldn't the bounce take a long time occasionally?

( eg, the sending domain exists, but isn't responding on port 25.  Your
  local MTA would then wait a default of 8 hours before returning a
  warning message.  Ditto for false positives when a customer sends from
  their private domain complaining that their mail is down; you'd kill
  their ticket because their mail is bouncing ;) )

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