[rt-users] notification of correspondence to person performing action --also, mail commands?

Phil Homewood pdh at snapgear.com
Thu Jan 9 19:48:30 EST 2003

Brian Jones wrote:
> I'm running RT 2.0.14, and we've been using RT in general for quite 
> some time now.  In the newer versions, however, we've all noted two 
> rather large changes that we'd like to somehow hack into the newer 
> version (it 'just worked'(tm) in the older versions):

It sounds like you're upgrading from 1.x?

> 1.  Some of us deal with RT almost exclusively via email.  However, in 
> this version, if I reply to a ticket, everyone gets that correspondence 
> except for me!  Everyone in my group would like the ability to have the 
> whole thread, including our replies, in our RT mail folders, but for 
> the life of me I can't determine the proper place in the code to make 
> this change.  Sifting through all this terminology and code is 
> non-trivial.  Can I do this with some simple scrip?  Has someone done 
> this?  Did I miss this in the manual?  I read it!

I've just added this to the FAQ:

> 2.  Since we upgraded, the old % commands we used to be able to put in 
> our emails don't work.  Was this feature deprecated?  Can I get it back 
> somehow?


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